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About dr. Bilan – Dental Medicine Centre

Under the expert leadership of the proprietor and the head of the Centre, Dr. Branka Bilan, the Centre is developing into an essential factor in the Zadar area, the Zadar region as well as Croatia.

For 20 years, Dr.Bilan has been devoted to top dentistry and prosthetics, resulting in high-esthetic smiles with natural beauty.

Each year, a team of doctors attends various educational conferences around the world to improve their professional knowledge and provide a top quality dental service.

Top quality dental procedures

In Dr. Bilan dental medicine centre, we are specially attentive to the aesthetic nature of all dental procedures, and for this reason we have been creating beautiful procedures for the satisfaction of our patients for years.

Dental implants

Dental implant is the best replacement for a lost tooth. It is a titanium bolt that is embedded in the jaw bone, and the procedure is safe and painless and is carried out in local anesthesia. Titanium is a material most compatible with the bone, which then grows around the implant.

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Replace tooth damage with the best dental solutions, such as: veneers, crowns, bridges, and dentures. We conduct prosthetic procedures using modern CAD-CAM technology to make sure they are of the highest quality and high aesthetic naturalness.

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All on 4™ Protocol

Missing all the teeth in your jaw? The best solution is the All on 4™ protocol. You will get your new teeth in just 24 hours, with shorter and simpler recovery after the procedure. And most important, the quality of your life improves significantly.

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Other dental services


Veneers placement is most commonly performed because of the patients’ desire for brighter teeth, and the goal is set to reach the so-called Holywood smile. Also, veneers are extremely useful when it comes to minor damages or orthodontic interventions.

Dental bridges

If you have lost two or more teeth, dental bridges are imposed as long-lasting and quality solution. We make two types of dental bridges: metal ceramic dental bridges and ceramic dental bridges.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are placed on heavily damaged teeth, such as in the case of advanced caries or some other trauma, or when the teeth fillings or some other prosthetic options cannot be performed.

Top quality procedures
Embedded implants
Embedded crowns


The aim of our work is quality and durability, and therefore we use top quality materials, one of which are top brand dental implants by Nobel Biocare.

Our patients’ experiences and stories

We are their patients and we’re living abroad, we can guarantee that they are top-notch, and, most importantly, it means the best result.
I guarantee top quality service, visit them like we did and give us your opinion. 👏

Marija Vlahov

A top quality team, they are patient, and careful with all our nitpickings!! Nothing but the words of praise for Dr. Bilan and dr. Paula, as well as their dental assistants!! 😘


I was there few days ago for the first time – the office was awesome, the team of experts worth every praise, the doctor explained everything nicely, exposed the available options, and we agreed very quickly, so the first phase has been successfully completed!

Mirta Santini

From dr.Bilan, Dental Medicine Centre

Install the fixed prosthesis on 4 or 6 implants

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